President’s Message

By: John Semtner

Has Oklahoma passed an Energy Code? Why hasn’t the OUBCC adopted the 2009 or 2015 energy code, while they are adopting the 2015 building codes? How does Oklahoma move forward towards a more sustainable future? These questions were on my mind when we invited Billy Pope (CEO of the Oklahoma Uniform Building Code Commission) to join us at our next meeting. These are important questions for our organization and our profession to push for in our local governments.

I sat through the first of three round table discussions on a sustainability plan for Oklahoma City last week. It opened my eyes to what people think the solution to energy conservation is. There is an overall lack of commitment, training, and funding to enforce the city’s energy code today, but planOKC ( seems to be pushing to change that. These meetings are the types of opportunities that we as ASHRAE members need to take part and push for change. One of the easy recommendations was to require a COMcheck report like so many municipalities do around the country. Let me or Byron Hughes know if you want to get involved in some of our Grassroots Government advocacy.

Our members are in positions that can shape our state’s energy future. Two members (John Harrod & Adam Schupe) are on the OUBCC review committees for the 2015 codes. This month we have a great opportunity for discussion with Mr. Pope. Please invite co-workers, friends in the business, code officials, architects and other guests to join us in this conversation. Maybe a few of the guests will even join ASHRAE.

As you know ASHRAE is a proud supporter of the Oklahoma Future City competition.   In past years our members have served as mentors, judges, and coordinators for the state competition.  

Several schools are in need of mentors. If you are interested in volunteering to mentor a team, please let me know ASAP.

Mentors usually just meet with their team 3-4 times during the fall school semester. The teams can usually work to make it fit into the mentor's schedule.

Also, Future City has modified its scope slightly to incorporate the Project Management Process. This means that professional project managers would be great mentors as well (whether they are engineers or not).

 The theme of this year's Future City Competition is solid waste/trash. If you would like to learn more about the Oklahoma Future City competition, please visit

 Please contact Aruna at if you would like to volunteer.

Thank you for your help.

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