ASHRAE 2014 Annual Conference
June 28-July 2
Seattle, Washington

Seattle the perfect location for
ASHRAE’s 2014 Annual Conference!

Abundant rain and thriving evergreens keep the city of Seattle green and lush, but the city has taken the concept of “green” to a whole different level. Sustainability is promoted in all aspects of life, which makes Seattle the perfect location for ASHRAE’s 2014 Annual Conference. The Conference addresses topics such as ground source heat pumps, operations and maintenance and indoor environmental quality, as well as the second annual ASHRAE research summit. Not to mention, social events, networking opportunities and technical tours.




The winter meetings of the Research Administration Committee (RAC), Technical Activities Committee(TAC), Technology Council, and the Board were recently completed with the results below. This report also includes information on upcoming submission deadlines.


The following is one of three projects that were approved for award:

1399-TRP, Survey of Particle Production Rates from Process Activities in Pharmaceutical and Biological Cleanrooms; Responsible Committee: TC 9.11 (Clean Spaces); Co-Sponsors: None; Contractor: University of Oklahoma; Duration: 24 months; Cost to ASHRAE: $237,346

President’s Message,

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GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS: Last month Congress gave final approval to, and President Barack Obama signed, the Agricultural Act of 2014, commonly known as the Farm Bill (H.R.2642)
The Farm Bill is a sprawling 357 pages, covering a wide range of areas – among them, building energy efficiency. In this area, the bill will require the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to submit a report to Congress that contains:

  • An analysis of energy use by the USDA headquarters and major regional facilities.

  • A list of energy audits that have been conducted at such facilities.

  • A list of energy efficiency projects that have been conducted at such facilities.

  • A list of energy savings projects that could be achieved with enacting a consistent, timely, and proper mechanical insulation maintenance program and upgrading mechanical insulation at such facilities.


The ASHRAE Grassroots Government Affairs committee has established a Facebook page if you’re interested in industry-related legislation and regulations coming out of Washington.

 ASHRAE RESEARCH: One of the more important tasks we perform each year is helping collect funds for the ASHRAE Research Promotion fund. If you have donated in the past, Adam Shupe or someone from his committee will be contacting you shortly asking you to renew your investment in ASHRAE research.

At the Winter Meeting in NYC, The University of Oklahoma was awarded $237,346 for perform research on research project 1399-TRP: Survey of Particle Production Rates from Process Activities in Pharmaceutical and Biological Cleanrooms.

There is currently of $750,000 of research being conducted @ OSU & OU that is being funded by ASHRAE.

 David Royal


ASHRAE Central Oklahoma Chapter President & Webmaster


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